Rotary Club of Brantford Sunrise Pledges $35,000 to 'Save The Evidence'

Rotarians from Brantford’s Wednesday morning Sunrise Club are backing the #SaveTheEvidence campaign in a major way. The club is pledging $35,000* to be released in stages towards the repair of the roof and the repurposing of The Mohawk Institute as a museum.
The Mohawk Institute Indian Residential School at 184 Mohawk Street operated in Brantford from 1827 until 1970 as one of over 130 Indian Residential Schools operating in Canada. Less than 10 stand today.
The message to the community is clear: turning this place from what it was in the past, an instrument furthering a policy of cultural genocide, into a national museum of consciousness, is a worthy cause. The repurposing of this building into a national museum will help Canadians understand a regrettable part of our history, while at the same time honouring the students who attended the institute. It also recognizes that reconciliation is not possible without understanding the truth behind the history of the Mohawk Institute.
“One of Rotary’s areas of focus is to promote peace and conflict resolution,” said Rotary Club of Brantford- Sunrise President Kevin Davis. “It is rare that we have an opportunity to work towards this goal so close to home.”
“We hope other service clubs and members of the community join with us and contribute as well,” Davis continued. “This is a way to come together and repair and restore both this building and our the relationships between First Nations communities and more broadly Canadians across the country.”
* A portion of this contribution is conditional upon approval from the OLG and City of Brantford Lottery Licensing Office.